Parlez Vue Espanol?

This morning I worked.

In the evening I went to a concert at the Royal Conservatory. I’m in love with that building. It’s the nicest building I have ever been in. The concert tonight was the Spanish Harlem Orchestra. I had great seats once again, and the cheapest! The timbale player was such a great player.


A band played in the lobby afterwards. I’m sorry, but I cannot remember the name of the group. They were very good, but I had to get home because I was to be up at 6:30 the following morning for work.


I got to the subway station and got on the train. the sign said, ‘East to Kennedy,’ perfect I thought. If you saw my previous rant on the TTC, you’ll realise that I actually just fell for the trap. I didn’t want Kennedy, I wanted a different ‘K,’ Kipling. After realising my mistake, I got off at Bay and crossed the platform. A stranger asked for directions to the bus station. I had no idea and to make matters worse, I confessed to getting on the subway in the wrong direction. What a n00b!

I finally got home, but I wasn’t able to just go to sleep. Liza tempted me to the kitchen with mint chocolate chip ice cream. YUM YUM!


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