This morning was a disaster. My volume was off on my iPod from being at the concert and so my alarm didn’t make any noise. I checked my clock, 7:22?!?!?!?! SHIT! I was meant to be leaving the house right now! I got changed, had a face wipe bath, made jam sarnies (in 12.7 seconds,) grabbed my stuff and legged it to the bus stop in 8minutes, just catching the bus as it pulled up.

Tapiwa was stood at the subway station, he was late too.
Luckily we made it to work 2 minutes early! Magic! We were then bombarded with information for a couple of hours in the form of training. Not a good thing for you at 8am!

I got home around tea time and had the most lovely pork chop from nofrills. I wish I’d taken a picture of my dinner tonight, it was so awesome!


Oh yeh, forgot to mention, I ond tickets to the Maple Leafs! WOOHOOO!!!!!


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