Shivering like a penguin. (A lesson in renting law)

Today has been a day of sorting things out. Over the past few days I’ve collected all sorts of webpages with information on geotagging and all sorts of other things, but I have just been too tired to want to try and understand the information.

Late in the afternoon I went to the laundrette. I really hate going to another place, especially a public one to do my laundry. It takes up so much of your day.

I didn’t dry my stuff properly as I had to rush off and meet Baldo, so it is now scattered all over the house trying to dry. We went to the Distillery DIstrict to the Christmas Market. I pretty much went full whack, new coat, new gloves, scarf, hat, the lot… and I was still cold. It was only -7, what will I do when it’s -25?
We had a beer and a sausage and then we came back, frozen, without seeing Santa.

Everyone was moaning about how cold it was in the house. It’s freezing, I had to wear a coat in my room this afternoon. Costa (who is nearest the boiler) rang up to complain. Our landlady said she needed to speak to her husband. He rang back and told Costa that our landlady’s father had been in the basement all day and the heating was fine. He also said that 20degrees is the average for houses in Canada. He then told him to fuck off and to stop calling him because he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.
I went on the internet and found this:

Toronto Municipal Code
Chapter 497 – Article I

Rented Accommodations
A landlord shall provide heat to a dwelling unit that is rented or leased and that is normally heated at the landlord’s expense so that a minimum air temperature of 21 degrees Celsius is maintained in all areas of the dwelling unit

She’d already told Zdravko that if he wanted a heater in his room, he’d have to pay more rent. The law goes on to state that we can get someone from the council in the check it, without permission from the landlord and if it is under 21 degrees, they can be prosecuted.
Think they need to pull their finger out and get the ducting cleaned!


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