This morning I made a video about cooking pasta. I think I should definitely have my own TV show after the results. Liza and Lucija came up to my room for the premiere. Liza was pleased to find she was in the programme too. For some reason she was yelling in the background.

After lunch I went downtown to search out some bargains. It’s at this time of year that you realise how much the stores are ripping people off. Yes it’s a sale, but they’re not going to be selling their stuff at a loss unless it’s clearance. One store had 50-70% of everything! I bought some slippers on Zdravko’s recommendation. I saw some jeans, $44.99, 50% off. To me that says that they’re making over $20 profit on those trousers when it’s not the sale. People don’t seem to cotton on though.
I went to Old Navy too, it was like a jumble sale, people had just destroyed the displays. I managed to pick up a T-shirt for $3 though!

Before my shopping spree I went to take a look at the old post office. It’s so old it’s actually the oldest post office in Canada and was nearly demolished at one point. It’s not doing to well at the moment either, I’ve read reports of it possibly closing down due to funding. The museum is tiny and the front room still serves as a full post office. In the room in the middle it is actually possible to write a letter with a quill, seal it with wax and post it for $1.


Another point of interest is a model of Toronto from 1800s. All the favourites are still there like Young St, King and Front.

After my shopping I went over to Sam’s parents to pick up my new cymbals. It came with a free bag with rucksack straps so I planned to bring them back on the subway. When I got there however, I then realised that as well as the cymbals I also had the bag on my back to carry too. Oops.
Another stupid thing I did was carry my camera around all day but not take any photos. I’d left the memory cards at home!


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