A flash of bad luck.

This morning Eva dropped off my cymbals. Wicked excited to try them out!
I had something really exciting to put here, but I’ve forgotten what it was.

Liza cooked me lunch and it was amazing. It was so good we had a dance to this really awful song. You’ve probably heard it, ‘nobody nobody but you.’ Apparently it’s number one in Korea right now and Liza has Korean friends so she keeps playing it.

I then went to work. Bit of a shocker today. A lady had poured a cup of tea over her laptop and killed it so she needed an enclosure for her drive. I suggested that maybe Best Buy would sell them and she asked if I could check for her. I turned to an iPad to get the internet up and pressed the home button. The screen lit up to an array of pictures of naked women. “Oh.” was my response. The lady (jokingly) started saying (rather loudly) “what have you been doing James, that is not suitable content for a shop!” I actually did quite a good job of not going red from embarrassment.

Something I have notice that I find quite amusing is the amount of American and otherwise retailers who add the red maple leaf to their corporate logos in order to make themselves appeal more to the market.

There’s more, but it’s late and I can’t think of them.


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