My 100th post. You would have thought it would be a bit more exciting than this, but not much happened today to be honest.

Here’s some excitement:

I had a complete dick of a customer kicking up a fuss because I told him we didn’t have enough space to display every single thing we have outside of it’s packaging. He then started shouting about how he spends thousands of dollars at our store and yet he can’t even look at a $45 case to see if he wants to buy it.
I really didn’t have any patience with him to be honest.

I felt quite homesick today after watching ‘This is England 88.’ I miss Northern accents.

That’s it. 100 posts. Thought I would have made more effort really. Maybe something exciting will happen tomorrow and I can delete one of the earlier posts and pretend that this was this was actually the 99th.

I think it’s interesting to point out that, until last week, I didn’t have a computer. I had to do EVERYTHING on my iPod. Apply for jobs, search for houses, write this blog. It’s actually quite surprising how much I could actually get done. Yes it was fiddly and on many cases I got very frustrated with hitting the wrong link whilst trying to tap a link. There are plenty of apps that are much easier to navigate than the websites, and I still find myself reaching for my iPod even when sat in front of my computer. I also found out just how crap the wifi is on it too and of course, there’s no flash.
Other than that, I think I managed quite an achievement.
They keep talking about getting rid of computers and everyone will do every thing on smart devices. I don’t agree with that. I’m a creative person, I need my advanced video editing, multitrack recording, advanced photo manipulation. As good as our fingers are, they are not nearly as accurate as a mouse.
I’m just glad that I can finally type my blogs up at the end of the day without having to rely on the WordPress App not crashing.
Neither do I have to worry about auto-correct changing the meaning of what I am trying to say.

The problem now is, that I don;t hav an excuse wen my spelling iz bad…


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