Another unsuccessful shopping trip.

Another day of going to the shops and not buying anything.
The main item on the list today was some ear plugs. I had picked out a place called ‘Listen up Canada!’ who were apparently a dealer of Doc’s Pro Plugs. I went to the office on Bay street. You had to enter a lobby and take a lift to the 3rd floor. Inside the lift (or is that elevator in Canada?) it was like a padded cell. All the walls had this pink diamond-shaped padding. I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo. I found the office, but it was a solid wooden door with a plaque next to it with the doctors name on it. I chickened out and got back in a different lift to come down. This lift had walls made out of mirrors! I took a picture, except it was on video mode and took a really shit video instead.
Couple more shops of nothing and then I went to Sam’s parents house to sort out my student loan.
They’ve sent me a threatening letter because I left the country without telling them. As far as I’m concerned I’ve not done anything wrong. What’s it got to do with them anyway!?

Sam made a lovely dinner and then I set off to nofrills as I had to get there before they shut. Whilst waiting for the bus, two lads approached me, but I ignored them because I had my earphones in and couldn’t hear. Eventually they got my attention and asked me to go buy some beer for them and they’d give me a $10 tip. I didn’t fancy waiting another 20 mins for the bus, so I declined.

Did my food shopping and actually got what I needed! SUCCESS!!


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