I want to marry a Raptor’s Dance girl.

As long as she’s over 18.
No wait, over 20, at least.
Actually I don’t think I do on second thoughts, none of them could dance in time to the music.

I had the worst hangover EVER this morning caused by those 5 milkshakes yesterday. I felt wicked ill. Worse still, Liza has bought cakes as she was moving out today and I ended up having cheesecake for breakfast! It was good though. Our local bakery is great.

Me and Baldo went to the Raptors game today against the Boston Celtics. Everyone has been telling me how shit they are, yet they played a brilliant game and only lost to Boston in the closing seconds by 1 point!
Baldo was pissed off because he’d bet on the Raptors to win!

We then went on a random walk around the bay. There was ice skating by the lake which was quite nice to see.

We called in at indigo and pizza place on John Street. The pizza was really good. Although pepperoni and bacon was an odd combination. Baldo then insisted on finding a coffee place because there was no one to sit at Indigo. On a side note, why does it say ‘chapters’ everywhere. Are they rebranding or something? Sounds like a bad idea to me because I’m totally confused about it.

We went in Starbucks at the Eaton Centre, passing the animatronic window displays of The Bay. As soon as we sat down they announced it was closing. I was fed up by now so I came home, but Baldo went in search of coffee.







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