Kensington Market light parade (It would help if it was actually in Kensington)

Work this morning. Really good day. I hope I keep getting all the easy customers.

I finished at 7 and took the subway to Spadina. I got on the streetcar south towards Kensington market for the light parade.

It wasn’t at Kensington market, it was a block west of there. I walked around a bit and finally got a text telling me where to go. I got to Bathurst just in time to see thousand of people walking in the opposite direction. It was over. I bumped into Graham from juggling. He confirmed my fears. I heard some banging in the distance and went over to see the samba squad marching towards me. I followed them back to Kensington market trying to get some photos. It was wicked dark though so I don’t think I got many that were any good.

I’ve not edited these, but here are a few that I took.

I then went to nofrills to get some bread…

…and came out with two bags full of stuff. I even bought a pineapple!! The woman behind the till gave me a really shit bag that was starting to tear before I even left the supermarket, but I fancied her so I was scared to go back and ask for another.
I somehow managed to make it to the other side of the car park without throwing my seasoned bagels all over the tarmac, but I then found myself in Taco Bell eating a bean burrito. I was starving and didn’t have anything quick to eat when I got home.

The bags started to tear at Dufferin station, but luckily I managed to get them to the next station, up two flights of escalators (are they called flights, or is that just stationary steps?) and onto the bus.
You’ll be pleased to know it is all now safely in the fridge!

Apart from the pineapple, which is in my bed…



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