Can’t believe I was tricked by the TTC again!

If you’ve been an avid (olol) fan from the start, you will know that once I went looking at a house and went to St Clair instead of St Clair West station.
If you’ve only recently just stumbled upon my blog, you’ve probably seen me moaning about this before.
Once again, I didn’t study the details close enough and I ended up at Eglinton Station instead of Eglinton West. To make it worse, Eglinton West is really easy to get to from my house, but instead I found myself walking a block and taking a street car followed by a subway train and then a bus!
I took my cymbals with me to try them out. Bloody hell, I didn’t realise how heavy they were! I was stood in line at the TD bank cursing all the old grannies taking too long to get their pensions.

I was on my way to jam with a blues group which I found out about at the 11th hour yesterday. I met a guy from the previous band I jammed with and he led me to the house. I think the guy who lived at the house was called Jonny, but I’m useless with names. He was a really good player though. There was also a guy named Lee playing bass. I set up my cymbals on the kit and away we went. Except the guy that had invited me there was just totally going off on one, like Jimi Hendrix playing the blues, except like even more mad. It was pretty terrible really and Jonny just said, “look man, your approach to playing the blues is totally different to mine.” And he was right. I really want to play with these guys again, so I just hope that this hasn’t overshadowed everything. I gave them my details so hopefully they get back to me.
I went back home and had some pizza which was very kindly given to me by Zdravko and then I had some pasta.

I just remembered a conversation I had with someone at work the other day. There’s a proper cool guy called Eddy and he was talking to me about loss prevention.
“I like you James, you’re real with me and I’m, real with you and that is why we’ll always get on. Now that guy over there (he pointed,) I don’t like that guy, that guy is not real, he’s a cartoon character, he’s asleep on the job, watch out for him.”
He was my shadow for my training and afterwards went round telling everyone how smart I am. I just hope that the management take note and get me moved up to a job that actually utilises my skills rather than the position I have now.


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