My first Christmas in Canada!

Another work day and the air con is broken. It was so fecking boiling it was intolerable. They buggered up the ordering of the work shirts, so we only have one, meaning we have to wear a shirt underneath, or smell after a few days. I was sweating like a bastard. It was awful.
At one point a bloke brought a tablet computer in and explained some story about his child being sick whilst instructing me to open the case. I didn’t dare open it so I made him do it. I was dreading touching some stray sick. He pulled back the cover to reveal the screen of the tablet, smashed into a million pieces! Oh dear.

Also, I don’t know what Canadians call bags, but people look at me strangely all the time when I ask if they want a bag and one girl today even replied with, “no it’s OK, I can learn it on my own.”

I’ve also been into Hallmark on three occasions now looking at an ornament in the shape of a shoe, asking questions about the shoe and also taking photos. It’s getting quite embarrassing. Baldo wants it for his mum though. He’s going to have to get it himself I think.

Afterwards I took the bus down to Sam’s cousin’s house. I nearly missed it too! First I went to the Go station because that’s where I thought the bus terminal was, but it turned out that you had to go out on the street and catch the bus. Luckily another bus had broken down in the bus lay by so it stalled me some time.
It was nice to see all the Christmas lights on peoples houses as I travelled down. We have the odd people who dangle a couple of lights on a tree in England, but here people are almost as crazy as the Americans you see on the telly. I’m glad I took that bus because I’d been quite disappointed by the offerings on the street I live down.

I had a lovely meal of turkey and other stuff(ing)[actually I didn’t eat the stuffing] and there was the traditional pudding of rice pudding. A jar gets fivers put in it and whoever finds the hole almond in the rice pudding wins the money. We’re pretty sure there never was a whole almond in there…

I realised today, I mean, I’ve known this for a while now, but it really struck me today just how kind, polite and friendly the Canadian people are.

I got home to a Croatian Christmas Eve meal and hung out in the kitchen for a bit.

I was just going to bed and I was offered a plate of roast potatoes and an octopus tentacle!!! I can hardly move now!


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