Happy Christmas!!1

Today is Christmas day. In the morning I spoke to my parents in England by using Skype and then after a bowl of Shredded Wheat, I headed for Sam’s parents house.

The journey was amazing. I was riding the Queen Street car along and the entire city was empty. It was so weird to see the streets with only a few people here and there. I wish I’d thought ahead and brought my camera. This was the best day to photograph Toronto. Although, the sky was light grey and the switched off Christmas lights would have made the photos look messy.

I got to the house, but Sam was in bed, so I ate a crepe with bacon followed by a crepe with blueberries and raspberries. It was so nice.
Eva then made me a mimosa which I drank whilst sat in front of the open fire.
Some squirrels came to visit and they were MASSIVE!

A friend of the family popped round and had a chat. SHe brought some jam that I don’t remember the ingredients of, but one was black pepper :S
She left and Sam awoke. I did my laundry and then printed out some pages I need to apply for an extension of my work permit.

Armit arrived and then some family friends from across the road. They brought food, which, added to the stuff Eva had made, created a HUGE banquet.
The ham had been slow cooking for nearly 4 hours in honey and brown sugar. It was the tastiest meat I had ever eaten, EVER.
This was followed up by a mince pie, which Eva had scoured Toronto for. The mincemeat was different to the ones we get in England and tasted a lot more orangey. But it was still very nice.

It’s not really felt like Christmas this year. I don’t know if it’s the fact that there’s no snow, it’s about 10 degrees outside and we only decorated our house yesterday, or just that I’m not at home like I have been every other Christmas, but Sam and her family have been really kind to me and welcomed me into their family.

What a lovely Christmas!


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