Boxing Day!

Friggin’ ‘ell. The mall was insane today. Never seen so many people! Luckily our store wasn’t too bad, but the air con is still broken so it was absolutely roasting!!

After I came home and had some Christmas Eve leftovers, I went out to juggling. There were only two people from the club there and three hoopers. Apparently they’d already told the jugglers off for talking too loud, so I didn’t see this ending too well.
The place was on Dovercourt road. It’s a big building with three floors and a dance floor on each. It’s probably some sort of dance academy as they have mirrors all down one wall. On the other two floors they had spanish dancing going on. It was really loud and you could hear the bass coming through into our room. The Hoopers kept turning their hooping music up, I’m not sure whether it was to drown out the sound of the spanish bass, or if it was so they couldn’t hear us dropping various juggling paraphernalia.
I don’t think we’ll be invited again…

It’s even warmer today!

One story I forgot to mention. Last week my housemate had his works party and they had belly dancers!
Not only that, but they had three strippers. Well, I’m hoping it was lost in translation as he originally told me ‘three hookers.’


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