The heat is on!

Today was my turn to scout out some boxing week sales.

I noticed this poster on the subway. Head back, eyes closed, mouth open, hands around the neck, is it just me, or is she being strangled?
This is possibly the worst advert I’ve ever seen for a major brand. It’s an awful photograph!


First stop was Best Buy as my headphones have broken.
They didn’t have what I wanted in stock even though the website said they did.

Next stop was the Post Office.
It was closed.

Next stop was Old Navy. They had this rather scary scene awaiting as you entered through the doors…


I came out with 3 T-shirts, 2 Polo shirts and a hoody for $30. The receipt says that I saved $80 which just proves how much they’re ripping you off normally.

I trudged around a few more shops without getting anything else and then went to Blacks for some passport photos. $20 for two and a 30min wait time.
Sorry, how much? For TWO photos? Am I missing something?
I left and went to Steve’s music and then Long & Mcquade, both of whom say they have a sale but I couldn’t find a single thing drum related in it.

I rushed home to meet the landlady. She’d brought me a heater!! But in true landlord style, it was a really cheap one and it’s totally crap. She also got her dad to staple a sheet of plastic over the window and told me that I was allowed to remove it if I wanted to bring a girl home!
Don’t think it’s going to make much difference, it’s ruining my already excellent view of the brick wall too!

The rest of the day I spent mainly editing video for a documentary I’m making about a band I used to play in. I also had some fries that I cooked in the new oven our landlady brought us. It’s microwave sized and so pretty poor.


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