I wish we could get TTC miles.

I have travelled on so many ‘rockets’ today.

This morning I took my coat back to the store (1 bus, 2 trains) because I decided I didn’t like not having a hood. I managed to get store credit on it and then I left to the LCBO.
I felt a bit of a scaff going in a liquor store at 10:30am and what made it worse was that after bravely going in and asking, they didn’t have the beer I wanted!
I went back home, but on the way realised that I would be standing outside in the cold tonight and I really needed a coat. I decided to go to Yorkdale to get a coat with my store credit (2 trains). Just as I was on the North bound train, I realised that I had a Yorkdale gift card at home that I should probably use. Damn it. I’ll have to go home first. I realised this just as the doors were closing at St Clair.
I took the bus home and ate some bagels and jam. Yum Yum. I also finished off the pineapple from yesterday. Tasteless GM shit.
I then went to Yorkdale Mall (1 train, 1 bus). After buying my coat, I then went home again by train and bus. The new coat is heavier, but has more pockets and more importantly, a hood!

After talking to my mum and my sister (briefly) on Skype, Jasmina (Baldo’s girlfriend) and I headed down to the Air Canada Centre for another Raptors game (2 trains and a bus).

I think it was the first game of the season or something, but they’d gone all out and were handing out free hot dogs, poutine, chilli and drinks. The hot dogs were about two inches long and served with mac n cheese. God knows why. The hot chocolate wasn’t so hot, the coffee was stone cold. I didn’t try the chili, but Baldo had two. The line for the Poutine was about half a mile long, and that’s before exaggeration. They were actually so slow at serving it, we were stood in the line for an entire hour! We got talking to some girls in front and they suggested the apple cider. Wowzerz!! That stuff is good! There’s nothing cider about it at all, it’s just warm apple juice, but it was delicious!
This was our view from the line:

The wait was worth it though, we got some kind of combo of poutine and random meat products dumped on top. We chucked it down as fast as we could because, a) the game was about to start, and b) we couldn’t feel our toes at this point.

It didn’t stop there, as we entered, we all got free T-shirts, there were free towels on everyone’s seats and on the way out I got free potato chips!

The basketball game was pretty awful though. The Raptors have no defence. The fireworks at the beginning of the game were quite fun though. The raptor dance pack are totally lame and I was offended by people trying to breakdance to AC/DC. Kardinal Offishall added insult to injury at half time with his awful medley of classic hip-hop tunes. He pretty much ruined every one of them.

I know I’ve moaned a lot there, but I actually really enjoy basketball games!

We came home, but I trusted Baldo as my glasses were in my pocket. We got on a train North, well done, except it was Finch and not Downsview! Pillock!
2 trains and a bus and I was home.

Total = 10 trains and 6 buses.

I picked up the new TTC pas today. It’s hideous in it’s snot green colour.
Price has gone up too. I expect quality! Damn you TTC!!


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