Snow joke!

You still here?

I did my food shopping this morning and got some passport photos. Here’s the amazing part, post offices are open after 5 in this country!!
By the time I got home, I was knackered, it felt like I’d just had a whole day. But no, I had to go to work too!

Air conditioning is still broken. It is so ridiculously hot in the store. There was a woman in there about to give birth and I ended up taking her outside to finish off the thing, the interaction, the whatever you call the process of buying something. I didn’t want her giving birth in a sweaty smelly shop.

I took this picture today of a girl on the subway with a sledge! I was wondering where she found all the snow.

When I got on the bus I saw it. It’s not wicked deep, but the roads are covered. Amazingly (or rather, unlike England) all the traffic was still flowing and the buses on time.


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