Ultimate journey for Ears

Work took up most of the day as usual. At my lunch break however, I was determined to go to Best Buy. The trip seems quite easy on Google, but this is TTC we are talking about. I managed to get to the subway in less than 5 minutes. The train came pretty quickly. All was going well as I got on the train. The view of the mall is quite nice as you head North, but I only wanted to see it for a minute.

5 minutes we sat over the highway bridge going nowhere. I was starting to panic that I would be stuck here, or just not get back in time for the end of my lunch.
The train started moving again, and then stopped 50m later. This was getting ridiculous.

We finally made it to the subway station and I walked as fast as I could to Best Buy. I wasn’t entirely sure where it was, just which direction to go.
I walked past the LCBO and then there in the distance, rising from the mist, was the big box store.
I had a txt message.

‘Hi – Maria.’

The only Maria I know is a manager at work. Was I about to get a second bollocking of the day for leaving the mall in my lunch hour?

I finally got to Best Buy and after finding the audio section searched frantically for the Ultimate Ears that I wanted. The price said $80! WHAT?!?!?
Wait, as usual with Best Buy, they were on the wrong peg. Also, as usual with Best Buy, there was no-one to help as they are always understaffed.
I finally grabbed someone in the computer department. Except he didn’t know how to process gift cards.
GRRR I was running out of time and I was starting to sweat after the rush to get there.
He gave up and told me to go to cash. Except there were like 50million people waiting in cash. I grabbed a computer games ‘smart friend’ who cashed me out really quickly and then I ran back to the station.
Like, actual running.
Through the slushy snow.
In my trainers.
Getting wet socks.

Luckily there were no more problems and I arrived back in time to eat my butties!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!

Turns out Maria was a wrong number…


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