Happy New Year!!!

Worked in the morning. As it was new years eve, they went and bought some stuff from Dollarama.
I had a gold chain with happy new year written all over it and some people had party hats.
It was fairly quiet which was nice.
My final customer of the year was one to remember. He asked me over for help.
“Whats this?”
It’s Google I replied.
“No, have you read this?”
I looked at where his finger was pointing. The search page was showing hundreds of results on bestiality and the article he pointed at said something about US soldiers having sex with animals.
‘OH, I’m sorry, it must have been some kid,’ I said as I closed all the pages, assuming some kid messing about had left it there.
“Are you ashamed of that?” He asked.
‘We can’t have this on the computers,’ I replied rushing to shut all the windows down. He carried on shouting about it.
I went to the other side of the store. The man got up and moved to another computer. He’d searched again for bestiality and so I had to follow him round the store making sure he wasn’t doing it on other machines.

I came home and had some bagels before going out with Zdravko and Lucija to a house party.
The house party consisted of us and one other person! Funny idea of party’s in Croatia. We ate Croatian food, which was great and listened to Croatian music.
At about 11:30 we headed for Nathan Philips Square.

The subway was late. We got on the train and headed South. As we arrived at Bloor, we were met with an entire platform rammed with people. Most of these people probably celebrated the new year on this platform, because they weren’t getting on the train.
We arrived at Queen with 2 minutes to spare and as everyone cheered and made loads of noise, we all rampaged through the station and out onto Queen Street, running down the middle of the road. We got there just in time for the fireworks.

I’m not being funny, but I come from a village of less than 2000 people and we have better firework displays. I’ve seen better firework displays on someones birthday cake. They literally let off about 10 rockets and that was it.
Welcome to 2012 everyone.

We pushed through the crowd who all seemed to be going in the opposite direction. We shouted happy new year in a few peoples faces and I told some people to “watch out for the dog, don’t stand on him.” There was no dog and people started panicking!
We went to a few Irish bars, which was full and ended up at a shit club called 244 on Adelaide and Duncan Street. It’s just nasty, although drinks were fairly cheap. The music was horrendous. They played rehashes of rehashes and it was so embarrassing as a musician to actually realise that this ‘music’ exists.

We left at about 2:30 when they stopped serving and Lucija found a phone. I started walking up and down the road shouting “who’s lost a phone?” whilst being met by blank faces. After reuniting it with it’s owner we took the subway home. At every station I’d shout, WOO FREE TTC and everyone would start cheering (it was free from 12-4am). After cheering they’d all start moaning about how they’d already bought their January pass.
Just as we reached Christie, the guy in the seat behind us puked up all over the train floor. Ace.

It can only get better from here…


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