Today at work we had a burst water main in the mall. This has nothing to do with trees and timber, but I don’t know what people shout when a water main bursts. Probably, “BLOODY ‘ELL, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!”
The basement was like Niagara Falls. I wish I had the picture that was going around, but sadly I don’t.
This meant that all the toilets were out of order, apart from the ones at the food court that are miles away.
I went at dinner time and the queue for the ladies was snaked all around the corner. The men’s however was totally empty! SUCKERS!!! It’s their own fault really for taking so long. What do they actually need to do in there that takes all the time.
I also went to Gap to check out the sales my housemate has been banging on about. The sales are all on the stuff I don’t want. Whilst I was looking at jeans, a lady came up to me and said, “excuse me, are these all the jeans you have in stock?” Thoughts flashed through my head, do I embarrass her and tell her that I don’t work here, or lie and just say yes? Saying yes would probably lead to further questions so I just said, erm, I don’t actually work here and she turned an instant shade of red.
I had switched shifts with another guy because he’d wanted to go to the bank. Today was a bank holiday. HAHAHAHAHA!!

That night I’d planned to go to Cafe Diplomatico with my housemates, except when I got home the house was empty so I ate pasta instead. No-one showed up until 8 so that was a good call.


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