Liza Returns! (briefly)

I so very nearly missed the bus this morning. Luckily there were a load of old giffers wanting to get on and so the bus had to do that whole huffing and puffing thing where the orange lights flash and it beeps to warn you that the floor is lowering.
It must be quite embarrassing if say you were like in your 40s or so and the bus driver does all the floor lowering business for you.

Work wasn’t as bad today, think I’m managing to shift this cold. I had chamomile tea from the shop across the way. It’s not as good as the Gubnoi Sbor that Liza feeds me, but I’ve also found out today that apparently it’s a poison and you shouldn’t drink loads of it! That’s OK, because I only drink it when I’m ill. She also said that there are 35 varieties! Lung Mix (gubnoi sbor) is No4.

I was supposed to go bowling with a load of strangers off the internet, but I didn’t feel up to it. Instead, I came home and cooked a massive pizza and did the laundry. Did I mention how much I HATE coin laundry? Where the hell are you supposed to acquire all those quarters from anyway??

Liza turned up. It was awesome to see her again. She’s totally insane. She ate Zdravko’s ice cream too. Something’s never change. She was telling stories of her boyfriend in Russia is totally loaded and bought a 1kg of black and 1kg of red caviar for Christmas. He also bought her an iPhone, but then he got mad with her and smashed it. A few days later he bought her a new one. I think he works in oil.
A yorkshire man could never afford to marry a Russian girl.


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