Rocking the set!

After work I went to Jonnys house. Tonight would be my first gig in Canada. I helped load up the car and then I took the TTC down to Museum station.

I arrived at Brennan Hall, University of Toronto. It was like a scene from Phoenix Nights. The room was similar to a church hall and there was a guy on ‘stage,’ ‘singing.’ Nope, my quotation key isn’t stuck, this bloke was warbling into a microphone (wrapped in tinsel) on a black platform, 3 inches off the floor mounted on wheels.
In fact all the other acts were dreadful. It was like an open mic night. Some bright spark decided to turn all the lights off and we had to set up with just a few Christmas tree lights for illumination. (The 12th day of Christmas was last week.) Bloody students were everywhere. It was awful.
I grabbed some wagon wheels and a ‘bear paw’ off the table and we went to Stacey’s house to get away from it all.
Wagon wheels in Canada are way better than England and a bear paw is in fact just a chocolate chip cookie.

We returned to the hall just in time to catch the awful guy singing again. After singing he turned round, stood on the wheeled stage and slipped on my cymbal bag nearly breaking his neck. Dick. Everyone laughed as he flew across the floor.
We played alright, I think. I couldn’t hear anything on stage so it was difficult to spot the end of the songs.
I’m not sure if blues was the right music for a room full of first year students, some people left, but some were dancing and people were polite enough to cheer afterwards and not throw bricks at us. It was akin (did I use that word right?) to a heavy metal band playing in an old folks home. (Is akin even a word or is it the name of a rapper?)
However, we were definitely the best act there by far.

Here’s a pic of Museum at night:



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