Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Today was supposed to be a day of not doing very much. but I don’t seem to be able to make that happen.
I went out early to Bathurst to get a haircut. Here’s a pic of Honest Ed’s in the rain:


(I didn’t get my hair done at Honest Ed’s)
Some Italian guy did it for me. I could tell he was Italian because he had long black greasy hair and he was wearing a blue t-shirt. Whilst he was using the clippers around the vicinity of my ear, he started making small talk. I had absolutely no idea what he was asking me because I had the clippers buzzing in my ear. Could he not work this one out? He was holding the bloody things! I told him I couldn’t hear a word and the conversation stopped.
Which was a good thing, because I can’t stand talking about beans and bollocks. Why just talk for talking’s sake?

I then went to Sam’s parents house to pick up the Christmas present that my sister sent me and after a cup of tea I then went the entire way back across the city to Nofrills to get some stuff. I forgot to buy jam as well. Bugger!

After getting back I managed to waste most of the afternoon playing Portal 2 and tidying my room. That’s where the bonus is. I tidied my room!


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