Scream for me Toronto!

Today I went to the rehearsal factory to rehearse with a band that had advertised on Craig’s List.
The plan was to play a mixture of heavy metal covers.
I didn’t know anyone else that was going to be there, but that was OK because everyone turned out to be friendly enough.
At rehearsal factory, all the rooms have names and inside, paint jobs to match. We were in the Rob Zombie room.
I was a bit scared because I don’t really know that many metal songs other than Iron Maiden and Metallica.
This was alright though because there was a guy there who knew almost every Maiden song. He was absolutely amazing on guitar and had apparently only been playing for 4 years! We played a few other songs, but it was the Maiden ones that worked out the best because I actually knew them.
I was a little worried about my lack of knowledge of other songs and me not being as ‘metal’ as the rest of them, but I didn’t need to be.
After about 3 hours (we played for 4) one of the guys told me that I was the best drummer they’d ever had down. I was amazed. 1) because I was playing shit and 2) because the beats aren’t really that hard anyway!
Apparently they usually have about 6 drums, 5 bass players, 10 guitars, 3 singers etc. and everyone swaps around and plays the songs that they know.
It was lots of fun, although a bit tiring playing for that long.

Afterwards I took a trip to Wal Mart to do my shopping. The bloody mall was shut at 6! What’s that about!?!?!?


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