Toot toot!

This morning after having about a four hour conversation with some eejit at the bank (no wonder this was his last shift) I went on down to nofrills for bread and milk.
As usual, I walked out with a load of other things. But then again, who can turn down 6 bagels for $1 ?!!?
I also bought pork, only to come home and find that I already had some. But never mind, I’m only going to get in trouble with my housemates for filling up the freezer, I can probably manage to live with that.
Toronto is a very multicultural place. Whilst walking around nofrills, I realised that because I don’t know all these exotic languages, like French, I’m missing out on some really juicy domestic situations because I don’t understand what the husband/boyfriend is a getting a bollocking for. The forecast had said snow, but it was a pretty poor effort to be honest.

After lunch I went down town to meet Tapiwa. We had decided that as we had a day off, we would go for a tour of the Steam Whistle brewery.
The snow was pelting down by this point, but we managed to find the place and I took these lovely pictures:

We were the only two on the tour and we were shown round by a bloke called Leslie. Or maybe it was Lindsay. It was a girls name anyway.
We saw lots of metal vessels like these:

And saw the coolest room in the World! The canning room:

Afterwards we drank a load of free beer and then went to the ‘Beer Market,’ a pub that claims to have 100 beers.
We had a couple there. For some reason they had ice in the urinals. I took a picture of this too, I know that’s a bit weird, but putting hundreds of ice cubes in a urinal is also odd. The picture didn’t save for some reason so you’ll have to go there and look for yourself!


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