Call security!

Do you like excitement?!

Do you like Suspense!?

Well today was both of those, and to add even more suspense I’m going to tell you this boring story first..

This morning I dashed to WalMart and back to buy cereal, I get through some cereal, so I bought 3 bags of the stuff. I then spent an hour on the phone to Skull Candy trying to sort out the warranty on my headphones. They’d credited my warranty points to the wrong place. After they sorted that out, I then had to ring them back because after ordering a product with my points, I then realised I’d used the wrong post code. Cue sitting on hold for another 15 minutes while they have a fag or something.

You ready for the exciting stories from work?

Well here’s another exciting/scary story. Baldo nearly burnt the house down because our electrics are complete bollocks and he’s got a laptop, wide screen telly, massive heater and a stereo all coming off two plugs. He’s changed things around now after his extension socket started to go brown.

Ready now?
Here it is!

We had to call security to the store twice in one day. Once to cart off a stalker and once to nick some people for trying to return illegally altered products. I was working near the front of the store so I was in the thick of the action. One was a criminal and one was just plain weird.
The security guards are proper nice blokes though so we had a good chat with them too.

I also managed to clock out an hour early because I forgot what time my shift was and so hopefully they’ve altered my times so I don’t lose out on an hours pay!


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