Clip clop, clip clop

Work as usual, but in my lunch break, I had to sprint to Best Buy again. The remote on my headphones didn’t work and I only had 2 days left on the return policy. I’m going to be without music on the way to work for maybe a week until my other replacement headphones get shipped.
Luckily this time the subway didn’t run slowly so I had plenty of time.

I saw this store on the way that reminded me of my friend who used to work at the one in Boston.


After work it was a friend’s gig at the Horseshoe on Queen and Spadina.
I was daydreaming on the subway and missed spadina station, so I had to transfer at St George and come back.

There were probably about 30 or 40 people there from work, which was really good as I got to talk to them about normal things for a change.
The bands that were playing were of great quality. I was really impressed. Not the sort of music that I’d buy and listen to again and again, but they were great. And the sound mix through the speakers. Oh the sound mix. I’ve never heard a mix so good in a pub in my life. The guy really knew what he was doing.


I made completely the wrong decision coming home, for some reason thinking that a combination of walking and bus would be quick than 3 transfers. I was stood in the snow for ages waiting for the bus. I got some good photos though and Al took a photo of me to send to my mum.

I finally got home at about 2am and was greeted by this sight:

I’m sick of our electricity problems.

10 minutes later, Baldo walked into my room in his underpants asking for my help. I mean, I’m fine helping people withdraw their betting funds to their account, but not at 2am and not when the other person isn’t wearing trousers!


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  1. The horseshoe is one of the best and oldest in the city, it’s a great venue. 🙂

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