Freeze Thaw

Today has been a day to sort out musical stuff.

But first, I had to go to the laundrette. I HATE these places. Probably mentioned that before. Plus the dryers are crap and I always end up having to distribute my wet clothes all round the house.
I took these though:
The rest of the morning was taken up by buggering about with my work permit application. For some reason, every time you press print it generates a new reference number. The reason why this is a pain is because my papers are now in England and I’m having to try and sort it out with my mum over Skype. It was a total pain in the arse and I’m still not sure it’s totally solved.

After lunch, which became a rushed affair, I headed over to Pape station. I was greeted by 4 crack heads at the exit who followed me down to the dental surgery whilst I was trying to get phone signal. I managed to get rid of them without too much effort and after a call to Gabriel, I was on my way to find the ‘Fox and Fiddle’ pub. I met him outside (for the first time) and we went in. We ate wings and fries and had a few beers whilst we talked about the new hiphop band he wants to start. He was a proper nice bloke and even paid for everything!
The barmaids were cute, but I couldn’t work out why they were dressed like sluts.
We spent ages talking and then I came back home to have a rushed dinner.

Toast and PB. It was crap. Especially with the electricity still being down on one circuit.
I then shot off to Jonny’s for a blues jam. We had a really good session and learnt some new songs. Plus, we now have a residency at a posh restaurant!

I arrived home to a disaster.
Some pillock in all the confusion of what was plugged in where had unplugged the fridge instead of the microwave.
Everything had started to thaw.

Yep, that pillock was me…


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