A lesson in manners.

I’m trying my best to adapt my thank you acceptance to the Canadian market. When I first started working here and people thanked me, I would say, “Nae bother,” a phrase that I have been saying for years. The problem was, that most people didn’t know what that meant.
I then switched to, “no problem,” is that an Australian thing?
The Canadian acceptance seems to be, “you’re welcome,” which I think is probably the nicest of all the responses. I just can’t get into the habit of saying it.

However, when it comes to queuing/lining up, the Canadians have no idea. Sure, they know how to form an orderly line, but that’s where all understanding of a queue function stops. As soon as the bus comes, the line disperses and it’s a free for all, every man for himself state of affairs.
How can this go so wrong? What’s the point in forming a line if no-one sticks to it?

This morning it started off raining, then as I went for the bus it turned to hail. The hail stones here are lethal, it’s like having crushed glass blown in your face. Then it turned to snow and by 3pm we had sun! The weather forecast has also changed it’s mind from three days of snow to three days of sun :S


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