High Park (Image heavy)

This morning we finally got my work permit sorted, so hopefully everything is correct first time.
I then took the subway to High Park station and walked down into the park.
I took a load of photos, but this one was little worrying:

Here are a few more:

I then followed the ‘Discovery Trail’ to the beach.
Yep, in winter.
I was amazed that there was snow on the beach. I didn’t even know snow settled on sand. I decided that it would be an interesting juxtaposition to build a snowman and a sand castle next to each other:

I then followed the trail back up and past a load of really expensive houses!

I lost the trail and ended up with this huge building looming over me.
High Park church.

I then went to nofrills and other boring tasks before going home. It’s a good job that I went out at the time that I did. The day was really warm, reaching 9 degrees and most of the snow was just a slushy mess on the way home.

**TTC pass spoiler alert**

The new pass is absolutely hideous. I read that a company is actually paid to make these things. The photos on them are getting worse and worse. What the hell is this one supposed to be? I know the pic is blurry, but there isn’t much more clarity in the actual thing.
In short, it’s complete shit.


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