Lemon Jump

Today at work, a customer gave me her email address, “in case I need help with anything.”
Regardless of company procedure and the fact that she was smokin’ hottt, she’s married with kids!

Today was the other English guy’s last day at the store. He’s going back to England early because he misses football, and because his house mates bailed on him, leaving him with four months rent to pay all on his own.

After work I went to El Mocambo for a gig. Jumple and Lemon Bucket Orchestra were playing.
I grabbed a guy that I recognised from the Cameron House and asked if he could introduce me to Os Kar.
If you go back 3 months in my posts, you’ll see that Os Kar is the guy I met through my house hunting. This was the first time I’d met the guy, we’d previously just spoken through email.

Both bands were great, kind of gypsy/folk/punk type thing.
Here’s a free plug for Jumple:

I didn’t have a camera, but they look something like this:

The place was rammed and I had a great time. I even bumped into someone from juggling club!

Working tomorrow!


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