Yesterday I woke up around 9ish and shot over to Victoria Park to pick up my new phone. I’d had a previous phone that, to be quite frank, was terrible. It wasn’t even designed with enough memory for it to function as a phone. I contacted Nokia and their customer service was phenomenal. They sent me a free upgrade, the C7, and whilst it’s no iPhone, it is still a really great phone. Probably the first phone I’ve ever actually enjoyed using.

I then went home via the beer store to get some Sam Adams for the Superbowl tonight.
They had sold out.
I was livid, I turned the tables over and started smashing bottles…
I actually just bought some Mill Street Tank House instead, but it’s not the same.

After arriving home I then went to the laundrette, I hate that place, but on my return home, I found a pile of clothes I hadn’t put away from last time, rendering my trip to the spinning drums unnecessary. Damn it!

I had then arranged to get on the same bus as Tapiwa to go to Brandon’s for the Superbowl. Tapiwa rang me literally 10 seconds before it got to the stop so I inevitably missed it. This meant we got to the beer store too late and Tapiwa then had to jump back on the subway and go to Bay to go to the only beer store we knew to be open still. He had 15 minutes, but luckily he got there in time.

The Superbowl was bollocks. Lets be honest here, no-one actually knows what’s going on and the commentators are just making stuff up all the time. ” “That’s a left-twist-ventrical-side-ball-banana-time-out,” I think heard one of them say. I’m not even going to mention the score, it makes me sad.

Afterwards we watched ‘The Voice.’ Another one of these shit ‘talent’ competitions.
Tapiwa was wasted and persuaded Brandon that he should fire up the studio as he had some mad Zimbabwean rhymes to drop.
Tapiwa got on the mic, but was so wasted he couldn’t actually say anything other than, ‘gone are the days when we used to play,” which is now his infamous catchphrase.
I did a song and then Asaf did a freestyle which was really good.
I left to come home and walked in the wrong direction. It’s so easy to get lost in this bloody city!


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