Xtra Xtra

I got up quite early this morning and went to nofrills to do some shopping, I needed bread and a few other things.
I missed the first bus and then missed the first train too which was annoying. The shops were fairly empty though so I got round quite quickly and returned home.
I wrote a blog post, ate some fruit, had some lunch and went to work. I arrived 8 minutes early.
Someone then said to me, “weren’t you supposed to be here at 10?” No, I start at 12, I looked at my calendar, OH SHIT!
I’ve not got a black mark against my name for being late.
The worst thing is that I was going out for Sam’s birthday at night and I’d said I’d be late because I wasn’t finishing til 9.

I finally finished work at 9 and took the train straight to Spadina. I arrived part way through the first set from Ms Debbie and the Xtra lites. They are a really great band, New Orleans style.

This was the same band and venue that we saw on my birthday.

I stayed until about 12 before heading home for bed. Luckily I caught the streetcar straight away (with a little bit of running) and got straight on the subway when I arrived.


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