Land of a thousand suns.

Due to the ridiculous public transport strike that lasted TWO MONTHS, viva transport is free for two months!
But seriously, what about all these people that need to go to work, extremely selfish.

But regardless, viva is free for two months so I figured I’d check out some places that I’d never been to before.
I’ve never been to Vaughan, but when I looked at the map I realised it’s only just above Downsview. If we’re going to use free transit, we’re going to rinse it!
Aurora was my next choice and I set off for the subway. On the way I paid my pay cheque into the bank. I followed a girl in who started to dordle and I thought, oh, she’s probably got an appointment or something and she doesn’t need to line up for the desk. Feck this, I thought and I walked straight in front of her.
Turned out she did need the cash desk and I’d just pushed in. I felt bad, but she never said anything.
You snooze, you lose.

I took the subway to Finch and then took the 22 bus to Wellington. The whole journey took about two hours, half an hour longer than Google said it would.
Viva have nice blue seats though:

Today was Sam’s birthday and I had offered to take her for fish & chips, except she was too busy. Maybe she didn’t hear me properly and thought I said something other than fish and chips.

I got off the bus and went in search of the famous “Stanley’s Fish & Chips.
After checking GPS, I realised it was 1km away so I walked to Mr Sub instead. The fish and chip part seemed to be closed, so I reluctantly went and bought a sub. Half way through it I noticed two girls walk into the fish shop part. it was open after all!!
“Feck this,” I thought, I was determined to get fish and chips, so I wrapped up the other half of my grinder for later and went into the fish shop.
I bought haddock and chips, but the place was heaving with school kids so I ate it on a bench outside Aurora train station.

Quaint isn’t it? It’s also historically important and has one of them blue signs outside.

Aurora was the last stop on the line of the first steam train in Canada!

The fish and chips were great, but now I had to find the conservation area which is where I wanted to go on a walk.

This was a good idea for a day out, except that all the trails were solid ice and I had shoes on with no grip whatsoever.
The park offered some excellent views, like this one:

I’m serious, they even had a bench so you could sit down and enjoy the view of a housing estate.

I went down into the valley, I took a few photos and stuff, but I had to get back for 4:30 for a band jam and I only had thirty minutes before I needed to get on a bus. The icy path wasn’t helping and to make matters worse, I was in the vicinity of something with feet shaped like this:

That definitely isn’t dog footprints!

Also, just as I was scaling a particularly bad slope of ice, a massive German Shepherd dog ran out and started barking at me! I had a pretty bad slip, but luckily I managed to stay on my feet. I was walking as fast I could now, worried that I wouldn’t be back in time.

I finally go to the centre and took the first bus that came.

It was the wrong one.

I got off and took the next one and was greeted by this interesting contraption:

Coming to a Ryanair flight near you…

I made it home in time and also arrived at rehearsal on time and then spent 4 hours playing Iron Maiden covers again. Which was great. There was another drummer there, but he got scared and said he won’t be coming anymore because I was much better than him. I feel bad about that.


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