Mill Street Brewery ‘Tour’

Nofrills and Walmart this morning. I wish theyd live up to their promise of “won’t be beat.’
Cereal and jam is ALWAYS cheaper and WalMart and meat and bread is ALWAYS cheaper at nofrills.
The stores are right next to each for God sake, it’s not exactly difficult to price check!
The apples and bananas are always manky in nofrills too.

I did my usual trick of coming out with more than I went in for, but at least I won’t have to make a second trip this next week.

This afternoon I planned to go to the Mill Street brewery with some friends from work for the brewery tour. I know it’s not long since we did the Steam Whistle tour, but I promise you I don’t have an alcohol problem šŸ˜›
Tapiwa was of course late as usual and Brandon got lost in a park and ended up having to jump a fence, so we ended up arriving 30 minutes late. They were kind enough to still do the tour for us. It wasn’t nearly as extensive as the Steam Whistle one, mainly because the brewery is actually about 12 meters long because most of the stuff gets brewed in Scarborough. We then sat in the bar and drank some beer whilst sampling the nachos. Just before we left, the mash tank sprung a leak and was pissing liquid out all over the brew house. We had to pretend to go to the toilet so we could be nosey and have a look at it!

Afterwards we walked North and took the street car to Bathurst. Sneaky Dee’s was the next port of call.
They haven’t really cleaned the place up much since my last visit:

We had the chicken burger special and it was MASSIVE. We were all then so full that we went home!

Some days, I get bogged down with work and I wonder why I’m still here, and then I have a day out with my friends and I realise that actually, I do like Toronto and I have a soft spot for the place.
I do actually like it here.

I also realised today that the Canadians pronounce apricot ‘ap-pre-cot’ and not ‘ape-ree-cot.’


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