Sent home

Went in to work today and got sent home two hours later. Apparently they’d scheduled me for too many hours and didn’t want to pay me overtime.
It was now 3pm and I had to figure out what to do with the rest of my day.

I went to the rehearsal studio to play some drums! There’s a really cool mural on the end of a house nearby.

I arrived and the door was locked. Shit, did I book the wrong location? I called the rooms and they buzzed me in.
I set up my cymbals on the kit and played for an hour.

After I played, I took the street car to the Eaton Centre. I went in the Apple Store as I’d heard rumours that there was a girl working there from the town as me back in England. She doesn’t work there anymore due to problems with her work permit.
I carried on to Best Buy to see my old work colleagues and get some headphones. The headphone section was bare and I overhead them saying that they had no Nikon cameras because the Thai floods had destroyed all the inventory and factory that made them. They missed out on Christmas probably costing them millions. Canon however manufacture in Malaysia and Japan.

We arranged pool for next week and then I set off back home for some dinner.
Fish, chips and beans.
Nice one!


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