Culture is Great

The British Tourist Board are having a huge drive on getting Canadians to go to the UK. Don’t know why they’d want to really after they seem to have passed their awful weather onto the UK. At Bloor/Yonge, every single advertising board is advertising Britain.
I actually don’t recognise half of the places in the posters.

It’s a bit blurry because I was trying not to attract people’s attention to the fact that I was taking pictures of billboards in the subway. However, I might as well have taken my time as the flash went off anyway!

Straight after work today I went to Jonny’s for band rehearsal. He’d promised to feed me turkey so I was really excited. I was starving too when I got there.
Imagine this though, I had cereal for breakfast and laughing cow sandwiches around 12pm and it was now 8pm. I am so excited about eating a turkey dinner.
Now imagine the horror when in fact you are presented with soup, not even turkey soup, squash soup. I cannot stand soup, but I didn’t want to be ungrateful so I ate it. On the plus side, the bread was REALLY good.

Here’s some photos from Christmas that I’ve only just processed.


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