Family Day

Today was family day and I headed down to the Habourfront Centre, mainly because it was literally the ONLY thing happening in Toronto today. Or at least the only thing advertised. Apparently people who put on events have families too :S

I got there at 12:30 just in time for a show by some skaters who had come all the way from Montreal or some place where they don’t speak English.
I’m not going to mince my words here, it was totally gay. What followed though was one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen.
They told all the kids to come and stand around and then they taught them how to dance on ice.
Not only were the dancing, on ice skates, but they were dancing to grimey dubstep; and most of them were falling flat on their faces.

not a very good image, the sun was blasting on the screen, so I couldn’t see what I was taking. That’s right, the sun!

After I’d finished laughing at this. I moved inside to look at some of the ‘art.’
Ill admit, there were a few good things. Or at least nice ideas.

This guy had drawn a kind of modern day Bayeux Tapestry around the four walls of a room.

It was great and had far too much information to take in. The funny bit was when people brought their kids in and they started pointing at it and asking questions.
There are a lot of naked men in it. One child asked why a man had a book shoved up his bum. It was the bible. Another child was asking why there was a man with no head. The parents best tactic was to try and steer them towards the illustration of a dinosaur.

I then got told off for taking photos with flash by one of the artists. Her art was just some bit of clay modelled into strange objects and suspended from the ceiling. I don’t think flash is going to spoil that somehow.

I then watched the Toronto All Star Big Band. They were excellent and a youth band too. The singers were great.
It was nice to see all the old folks getting up to dance and have a good time. Songs from the war seem to be their favourites.

Then right at the end they bigged up the drummer saying he never got enough credit for what he does. Then he totally cocked up Sing Sing Sing.
He managed to save it at the end though with a very nice solo.

After this I ate bagels and went to Jonny’s for a final rehearsal before the gig tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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