Pancake Day!

I went to nofrills in the morning, and WalMart, AND Winners. How come it’s almost impossible to buy aerosol deodorant over here?
Is everyone such a tree hugger that they won’t buy spray on deodorant?
All I know is that this roll on stuff is complete shite.
I also bought underwear in an attempt to extend the period between which I need to visit the laundrette. I’m not sure how the washer will handle the extra load though :S

Today was pancake day and I had arranged a ‘lets celebrate pancake day in Canada,’ event. Everyone bailed on me and I ended up sat in Auntie and Uncles on my own ordering banana batter pancakes.
For some reason, no-one knows what it is over here. I also met a Londoner this afternoon who had never heard of it. No, I’m not joking. I was actually beginning to wonder if I was in fact making this whole thing up. Luckily, the waitress got chatting to me and asked if I was here specifically because of lent as loads of people had been in that morning for pancakes. At least other people are playing along with this supposed myth…
Just as I was getting ready to leave, I put my arm in the sleeve of my jumper and the waitress walked straight into it, punching her in the girl bits. She was quite embarrassed and ran off to tell a bloke working there what had happened.

I need some new ear plugs, so I set off in search of a hospital which is supposed to sell them. I couldn’t find the place after walking a couple of blocks on Spadina, and it was hailing pretty badly. I decided to get the streetcar back up and go to the University of Toronto.

We were playing a gig at the University in aid of the fight against cancer. I finally found the building and followed the signs. The room was empty. I had no idea where we were supposed to be or anything. I eventually followed the commotion echoing down the hallway and found where the event had moved to.
Oh no. It was the same joker that ‘organised’ the last gig we played.
We played to about 20 people. Sam’s parents showed up which was really nice of them.
I stayed and watched a couple of bands afterwards and chatted to the before mentioned Londoner and a girl who seemed to know loads of English people.

Coming back I waited for the streetcar to take me North. I had to stand and watch as the first two went past completely rammed. I finally boarded the third one and came home for a pork chop.
After defrosting, it turned out to be steak!

I played Baldo at Fifa and lost, before leaving to go to VIP Billiards.
Trust me, there is nothing VIP about VIP Billiards.
Kyle came along from Best Buy and a few other people I knew turned up later.
I was really good at pool and won most games, but it was table football where Kyle showed us all who’s boss. He was amazing at it.

I got home around 2. Back to work tomorrow…


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