I can’t really top yesterdays excitement I’m afraid, I worked all today.
I did however have a brief conversation with a deaf person. I’m pretty sure they were using ASL, but I understood the few signs he did use.
My colleagues were blown away that I know sign language. I don’t know why, I’ve told people enough times!

I bought some aerosol deodorant today. I got ‘Axe’ (Lynx in the UK.) I’m not that fond of it, but the Right Guard smelt so bad and the Adidas was a fortune.
Even Shoppers Drugmart had an extremely small selection of sprays.

Here’s some not so great pics to add to the disappointment that is this post:

This is when a flock of geese invaded the Eaton Centre.

Somewhere in the Financial District.

I’m off to watch ‘The League of Gentlemen.’
No, not that shit league of extraordinary gentleman, that film was awful!


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