Glow Show II

Funny that I named my post Glow Show yesterday when in fact I played a show at Glow tonight!

Days off are a rarity and this morning was wasted by a mandatory visit to the supermarket and then laundrette.

Jonny then picked me up and we spent the rest of the day ferrying between Glow and his hose trying to sort everything out for the gig at night.
I got to see a lot more of Toronto on the way though which was nice.

The venue was a WICKED posh restaurant. By the time we were about to play I was starving, and we hadn’t had time to go home for me to eat. Mark’s (guitar) parents very kindly bought me some food. I chose the mediterranean burger. Now I LOVE burgers and I was like almost drooling at the thought of this burger coming out. Ten minutes later the ‘burger’ came out. It was a long oblong plate with a thick burger at one end covered in all manner of random vegetables, onions, and god knows what and at the other end of the plate, sweet potato wedges. After the initial disappointment of there being no burger bun in sight, I set about trying to dissect the food.
It was delicious. the burger sat upon a bed of spinach which was the best spinach I have tasted in my life.

The gig went really well. This was my view:

Then I came home.
I got a lift to Bloor station. It is ridiculous. I don’t know how much the British tourist board has wasted on this promotion, but EVERYTHING is covered in Union Jacks. I wish I’d got a picture, but I was worried I’d miss my train. The turnstiles, the stairs and every billboard has a selection of these posters:


Also, I wish people would take their Christmas decorations down. It’s bloody March in three days!!
Even the council hasn’t taken them all down.


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