A day of football.

The snow belted it down today! It was fierce.

I spent the majority of the day inside perfecting a presentation for a job application.

At 3pm I watched the England game. It was pretty exciting, but we lost as usual.

By the time it finished, the snow had turned to rain. It was pissing it down and I decided that now was the time to go to the shops.

I came back with a shirt and some shoes because, I realised the other day that my other shoes actually have zero grip on the sole, as I slid along the subway station.

After tea I played Baldo at Fifa. England Vs Croatia. First two matches were drawn 1-1 then I won the third match 2-1!!
He is blaming his computer for the loss. I don’t know how I suddenly got good at it, he plays it til 3am every night!


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