Helping the homeless.

I thought I would do my part for the city and and local businesses by recycling my beer bottles from Steam Whistle.
I went at around 10:30 to the Beer Store with my 6 pack and a single Mill St. bottle.
I was worried that the store would not be open, but I saw the door open from a distance so I a breathed a sigh of relief.
This didn’t last long though. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by a line of hobos with about a thousand bottles each and the guy right at the front was boasting about how many bottles he finds in the trash, whilst he counted his wad of fifties.
I stood there for about 3 minutes with nothing much happening, so I turned round and gave my empties to the guy behind me. I didn’t have time for buggering about.
I left the store and then realised that I’d just put about a dollar fifty towards this guys crack addiction.

I then headed for the washrooms and washed my hands thoroughly, I’d had skin contact with the guy as I passed him the six pack.

Next stop was taking a shirt back to Winners because it was too big for me. I waited in line for a few minutes and then got to the counter.
I’d brought the wrong receipt.

I then had a pretty good day at work.

On the way home, a really loud woman got on the bus and was shouting into her phone, “Jessica! Did I leave my panties at your house?!” She then started to tell the girl to put her hand in certain places and do inappropriate things.

i was pretending not to listen, but you could probably hear her on the moon. Then she came over to me and made me speak into her phone to tell the other person that she was sat alone on the bus. She was scary so I co-operated.


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