The steak of things to come.

Today I spent most of the day preparing my application for a job promotion and hopefully I can hand it in tomorrow.
Unfortunately, I was so engrossed in doing that, that Jonny had come to the house, left me a load of voicemails and texts and, worried that I’d gone AWOL and wouldn’t make the gig tonight, driven all the way to my work to see if I was there.
I wasn’t, I was sat at home with my headphones on.

We packed the car up and went over to the venue for the gig.
The restaurant is so posh and we got free food and drink so we picked the lamb shank.
They didn’t have it, so we picked the even more expensive alternative of steak.
Once again the meal came out and I wasn’t entirely sure what it was I was about to eat. There were no potatoes, just a massive ball of stuffing. It was really good though!

I don’t think we played as well this week, but everyone reckoned we were amazing.

I came home and snapped a photo of the station I keep banging on about. Here it is:

This isn’t the steak I had tonight, this is the one I talked about the other day.
Check it out!!



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