Hello Summer!

I thought I was working this morning, then I checked my schedule (from my bed) and noticed that they’d changed it last minute again!
I rang into check and they confirmed that I did indeed have the day off.

I spent most of the day just buggering about really and then went to a park near my house for a bit. It was the first time I’d been to the park and didn’t know it existed until I saw a patch of green on Google maps. It’s quite a nice wee park, full of kids on the swings and stuff and some tennis courts too. I sat there for a bit and then came home to have some food.

I went to Jonny’s after dinner and we played some blues. We learnt some new songs and he gave me one of his old basketballs so I will be taking that up to the park sometime to practise.

Such a beautiful day today!
Summer is here!


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