Jiggle jiggle, I like to see you wiggle wiggle

My housemate calls juggling, ‘jiggling,’ and today was the 20th annual Waterloo University juggling convention.
I got a lift to Waterloo with the father of one of the jugglers and we stopped off on the way to drop his wife off with their daughter at Guelph university. It was quite strange to see snow out west, it’s been pretty nonexistent in Toronto.

We arrived at the festival. The juggling hall had high ceilings but the room was tiny! After nearly killing a few people we abandoned the diabolo passing.
I went to a workshop on ‘site swaps’ (which turned out to be largely maths based) and a workshop on clay motion juggling. This was really confusing and I left part way through.
I entered the 3-ball gladiator tournament but I was terrible and actually dropped my balls without anyone else even interfering!

At some point they brought out loads of rolls of toilet paper and covered one guy from head to toe.

Yep, it doesn’t matter where you go on the planet, juggling conventions are crazy.

We then needed to go and eat before the show, the consensus was for us to go to an Indian restaurant.
I hate spicy food.
I managed to pick the least spicy thing on the menu. But there was something missing…

Oops, we lost the German guy. No-one had seen him and we were meant to take him for food. we felt really bad but there was nothing we could do at this point.

We finished our meals and went back to the performance hall. Getting there involved walking through the life sciences building. This place was like a museum! They had dinosaur skeletons and huge rocks everywhere!
We then passed a library which, as most libraries are, was sinking due to the weight of the books.

The show was amazing, although slightly marred by the nazis standing guard either side of the stage, who even walked up to a little girl half way through the show and made her surrender her lollipop. My friends Louis and Lacey performed a really nice contact routine and Gabrial (the guy who did a rubicks cube drunk a few posts ago) did a juggling routine.
Probably the most unusual act, was a guy who made a sandwich with his feet. His dexterity was incredible as he scrubbed his feet, with his feet, in antibacterial soap.
Stranger still, after describing exactly what he was going to do, he even managed to get a woman in the audience to volunteer herself to eat the sandwich! It was amazing, she even got stage fright and said, “I’ve never had to eat a sandwich on stage before.”

After the show we drove back to Toronto and got lost twice.
At least we were in a BMW!


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