Torontonians should just give up sport and find something they’re good at.

Basketball, hockey and baseball are all terrible choices for Toronto to spend their time on.
Lacrosse is now the next.
I know it’s the national sport so you’re trying to cling on to it, I get that, but you’re really no good at it.

This morning I had to be at work for 7 so I took a different bus.
It was old and knackered and had a massive gap with no seats (yet no disabled access either) for some reason.
Everyone who got on was wearing massive steel toe cap boots and miserable long faces.
I invented a game to pass the time. You have to guess what they do for a living by looking at the stains on their trousers.
One of them was a painter and the guy next to me a plasterer. One bloke was wearing brand new jeans though, but his boots were filthy, so maybe he changes at work.
It was pitch black outside. Nobody spoke a word and just looked gloomy at the floor.
It felt like I was being driven off to a prisoner of war camp or something.

I got away from work at 4 and shot off to Sam’s parents house to collect a parcel. They fed me a massive burger before I then had to rush to the ACC.
Yep, I’m starting to become a local, I even call the Rogers Centre the ‘Sky Dome’ now as well.
At the Air Canada Centre I met Baldo who had got some free tickets through work and we watched the Toronto Rock lacrosse team lose.

Nope, they didn’t all just shrink 3 feet at half time, this was the kids playing.

Toronto lost that too!

I then came home and got some much needed rest!


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