Lake Simcoe Lake

This morning I was up early and taking the bus up North.
There are not many days left of the free York Region Transit offer and so I wanted to make the most of them and the weather by taking a trip to Lake Simcoe.
I took a TTC bus and two subways to finch, switched to Viva for two zones up to Newmarket and then got the 69 Go bus to Georgina.
It took me 3 hours!!
Luckily I managed to get all the connections one after the other or it would have been even longer.

I got off the bus in the middle of nowhere and everyone on the bus stared at me as if to say, why is he getting off here? Thank goodness for GPS as well, because the bus was not announcing any of the stops. I walked North to the waters edge and then realised that there is barely any part of the shore for the public. Everyone and their granny seems to own a spot on the shoreline, and we’re talking about a10m by 3m patch. it was ridiculous.
This was one of the private spots, quite petty to be honest:

I headed East along the coast towards Jacksons Point taking photos as I went and pausing at the 20x3m spots reserved for the public.

I finally reached Jackson point and sat by the pier to eat my sandwiches. I took a few more photos and then I saw a squirrel out of the corner of my eye.
I turned to looked at it about a metre away and it was actually a beaver! It jumped in the water and swam away before I could get a photo.

I walked to the Go bus stop and took the bus back.
Lots of school kids got on and two girls were talking really loudly about boys, or shoes, or shopping or something. A big sweaty Australian with curly hair shouted at them “do everyone else on the bus a favour and shut the fuck up!” He then promptly got off the bus.

The rest of the journey was fairly uneventful, apart from the surfacing of my sunburn. During my time at the lake, I had walked about 4 miles in an Easterly direction. My entire right hand side is red raw. This is going to be painful for some time 😦

I got home and Lucija made me rub yoghurt on my arm, I’m not sure if it is a Croatian miracle cure or if it was just a big practical joke.
I looked ridiculous all the same.

Here are some of my photos from the day.


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