You’re not funny, you’re just fat!

After work today we went to the Absolute Comedy Club to see a show.
The food was stock and the ginger beer was pretty weak.

The first woman on stage was awful, but people were in fits of laughter.
She was fat. Like massive fat.
The main reason I know this is because every one of her jokes were about her being fat.
Too easy, I prefer intelligent comedy. And yes, Shooting Stars is intelligent comedy.
If you don’t believe me, watch the 3 parts of this episode.

It’s intelligent comedy, because if you don’t understand it then you must be stupid.

The comedy show was actually quite good in the end. The next two blokes were really funny.

Then I came home and found a load of suitcases piled up at the top of the stairs.
We are now fostering one of Baldo’s mates cos he has nowhere to live.

TL man, TL


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