Waterfront Trail

The morning was taken up with food shopping.

In the afternoon I headed down to Ontario Place to see what was there and also in the hope of getting a photo of the water park before it gets ripped up.
Everything was closed, so I just walked around the perimeter. I took plenty of photos of random things and then I decided to walk some more of the waterfront trail or whatever they call it. In fact I walked all the way to the Harbourfront Centre, passing the York Navy on the way as they marched along. I assume they were the navy anyway as the navy base is not too far away. They were wearing jungle camouflage though so I’m not entirely sure. Maybe they were planning a canoe trip in the amazon rainforest.
I saw the Toronto Music Garden. It’s a wonderful little place with spiralling paths and small hills that are supposed to be a landscaped version of someones symphony. I can’t find the info on nit right now. It’s just a shame that it seems to be inhabited by homeless people and scaffs.

I then took the streetcar to Union before continuing my walk in the beaches. The streetcar to Union is very exciting! It suddenly goes underground and blasts along at quite a pace.

Here are some of the photos I took and hastily processed.


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