Oh Canada!

I need to catch up here. Two days in a row with no update. I’ve also got the national anthem stuck in my head, but I only know the first two words. It’ll never be as good as God Save The Queen though…

Thursday I was on the bus and a black guy in a hoody got on. He walked down the aisle and jumped the step to the raised section, grabbing the bars as he went.
He nearly stacked it! If he didn’t already look a complete tit, he then sat on the back seat and sang really loudly in a falsetto voice along to his mp3 player.
It was dreadful. Even Iron Maiden in my headphones couldn’t block it out!

After work I got a txt message and went over to Brandon’s to hang out in his studio. We all chatted for a bit and then went into his studio to listen to the new album he’s recording.
He’s an awesome singer and was actually on Canadian Idol back in the day. We’re going to play some gigs this summer together.


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